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A Trip to the Red Centre

With thanks to Tourism NT, 19 students from Years 9 and 10, plus 4 staff, headed off to the Northern Territory early on Saturday 30 September. The Northern Territory is abundant with learning opportunities and encourages students to step out of their comfort zone.

Although the change is scenery has been a highlight, the students have been engaging with the world’s oldest living culture, a 60,000 year old culture that we know so little about. The students are exploring ways that true reconciliation between Australians can happen. One of the days on their trip has included a visit to the Purple House, to which our school donated a couple of years ago, and which provides dialysis for people living in remote communities. Reconciliation was part of the call made by Pope John Paul II on his famous visit to Alice Springs over 30 years ago, and through the Purple House, we want to learn about how we can all work together to bring positive results for all of us.

Of course a trip to the Northern Territory would not be complete without a visit to our country’s most famous sacred site, Uluru. The visit to Uluru gave the staff and students an opportunity to look deeply into their own spiritual understandings. It has served as a place for ritual and connection to creation for thousands of years, and it was certainly a special moment in time for our students.

Continue to enjoy your trip girls – we look forward to hearing more about it on your return.

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