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An Expressive Art

Each year, Japanese students across Tasmania are able to compete in a Calligraphy Competition and in 2017, Mount Carmel College submitted entries from Grades 3 through to Year 9.

Students are given the Japanese (Kanji) characters which they need to replicate using pen or brush appropriate to their year. The requirements are very strict – there can be no tracing of the characters, and correct stroke order must be adhered to.

Students learnt about the art of calligraphy which is known as shodo in Japanese. The characters often reflect the beauty of nature or a sentiment.

In the Primary Years, the student were required to write the hiragana characters for love (あい) and in the Middle and Senior Years, the Kanji for Moon Rise (月の出).

Congratulations to all students who participated, those whose whose work was selected for final judging at Launceston College and special mention of Madeleine Horton (Year 8) who came 1st Place in the Grade 7 – 9 section of the competition.

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