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The Wall of WOW!

    A number of Year 7 students have created the WoWOW Team (Wall of WOW!) and are combining their English and IT skills to connect with the College’s alumnae.
    The team has interviewed four former students of the College and are keen to interview more.
    Any alumnae who have 20 minutes to spare on a Friday at 1pm and would like to share their story, successes and career paths can make contact with Dr Simon James.
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Krispy Kreme FUN-draiser

    The Mount Carmel College Parents and Friends Association is running a Krispy Kreme FUN-draiser to raise FUN-ds that will support the College in providing valuable FUN-ding towards items that directly benefit students at Mount Carmel College.
    Families and Friends of the College have the opportunity to purchase two of Krispy Kreme’s most popular dozen packs.
  • Original Glazed Dozen: $23.00
  • Fundraiser Assorted Dozen: $27.00
    The Parents and Friends Association will make a small profit from each dozen purchased by Mount Carmel College families and friends – the more we are able to sell, the more College initiatives the Association can support.
    Order forms have been sent home to all families, but if it has been misplaced, more are available at the College Office or can be downloaded here:Krispy Kreme Order Form
    Order forms must be returned to the College Office by 3.00pm on Friday 16 August 2019 with full payment (cash or EFTPOS accepted). Alternatively, you can pay using the Qkr! by Mastercard app – the same app that the College uses for canteen orders.
    Due to Krispy Kreme’s strict order policy for FUN-draising orders, no late order will be accepted, nor will any orders without payment.
    Your orders will be available for collection on the afternoon of Arts Evening – Wednesday 4 September from 2.00pm until 4.00pm – from the kitchenette outside the Drama Room. Please ensure that you collect your order on this date as the doughnuts are tastiest when they are fresh. Krispy Kreme do not take responsibility for “old” doughnuts.
    Thank you for supporting the Parents and Friends Association in their FUN-draising drive. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate in contacting the Parents and Friends Association.
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Autumn Concert

On Wednesday 27 March, our Year 9/10 Elective Music Students, Instrumental Music Students, the Middle Years Voices, the Senior Singers, String Trio, Flutista Sistas and the College Orchestra staged our annual Autumn Concert.

A large audience was in attendance to enjoy a wonderful evening of high quality music from a range of ensembles and musical genres. The event was streamed live to Facebook and feedback suggested that there were many extended family and friends from other parts of the country tuning in throughout the evening.

The concert was capped off with a beautiful performance of an original song by our Vocal Teacher, Ms Hannah May Bartle, accompanied by her students and some Instrumental Teacher guests. Congratulations to everyone who was involved on the night. It was a joyful celebration of some of our students’ impressive music making in this early part of the year.

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Podcasts for Parents

Have you got a spare 10 minutes in your day?

Mount Carmel College has a selection of podcasts designed to support anyone who is parenting or for people with an interest in current educational issues.

Called Podcasts for Parents, each episode includes an interview with a guest speaker who has in-depth knowledge about the topic that they are discussing. Topics range from the value of children playing sport to growth mindset, from children’s social media usage to the history of the Sisters of Charity, from good oral hygiene for children to positive psychology.

Each podcast can be found under the Parents tab of the College website. To listen to each podcast, simply click on the Listen to Podcast button.

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