These are the required Apps to be loaded onto iPads for Year 5 students.
Install via the App Store App Store icon on your iPad.

ABC iView ABC iView
Accessit Accessit Library
Apple Books Apple Books
Book Creator Book Creator for iPad ($7.99)
Canva Graphic Design Canva Graphic Design & Video
ClickView ClickView
codeSpark Academy codeSpark Academy: Kids Coding
Dictionary Dictionary. by
Dr Moku's Hiragana Dr. Moku’s Hiragana Mnemonics LITE
Explain Everything Explain Everything Whiteboard
Geoboard Geoboard, by MLC
Google Chrome Google Chrome
Google Docs Google Docs
Google Drive Google Drive
Google Earth Google Earth
Google Maps Google Maps
Google Sheets Google Sheets
Google Slides Google Slides
iMovie iMovie
Jumbo Calculator Jumbo Calculator
Mathletics Mathletics Students
Padlet Padlet
SBS On Demand SBS On Demand
ScratchJr ScratchJr
Show Me Show Me Interactive Whiteboard
Smiling Mind Smiling Mind
Stop Motion Studio Stop Motion Studio
Tynker Coding Tynker: Coding for Kids