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Mission Statement

Supporting  the College’s philosophy of “fostering development of the whole person”, the mission of the Library is to empower students to become effective users of information, confident readers and independent lifelong learners.”

Vision Statement

The Library provides a vibrant, active and welcoming place and one that strives to:
  • Provide a vital teaching and learning environment
  • Be a place that encourages the imagination and exchange of ideas
  • Be a place where students are empowered to become independent lifelong learners
  • Provide students with access to information and communication technologies to access, evaluate, synthesise and present information to develop an understanding of the world in which they live and ultimately work.
  • Implements the vision of the college community through advocating and building effective library and information services that address the curriculum needs of the school and support the literacy development of every student.
Our library provides teachers and students with materials that support and enrich the Curriculum. We also have a good range of quality fiction and non-fiction for recreational reading.

The Library staff work closely with classroom teachers to ensure the integration of ICT and digital technologies to support all students in their research, learning and reading.

They are also on hand to help students with any aspect of researching information, including referencing, locating suitable internet resources and using online databases. The Online LibGuide  webpage provides 24/7 access to a growing number of quality online resources that support the curriculum and facilitate recreational reading, including access to the library catalogue, online databases, subject-specific resources and places to find good books.  


Teacher Librarian: Ms Levy

Library Technician: Mrs Hill

Opening Hours

8.00 am – 4.00 pm Monday to Friday Telephone: 6216 7921
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