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Michael DiVenuto

Professional Cricket Player and Coach

Norma spoke to Michael DiVenuto, a professional cricket player and coach. Michael represented Tasmania in the Sheffield Shield competition. He has represented Australia in nine One Day Internationals and was Australia’s assistant batting coach. In 2016 he joined the Surrey County Cricket Club as head coach.

She asks Michael about:

  • What is the value in children playing sport?
  • Should parents choose a sport that suits their child’s personality?
  • What are the benefits of team sports?
  • What are the benefits of non-team sports?
  • How much sport should children play?
  • What is the role of parents off-field?
  • What is the role of a spectator parent?
  • Is playing professional sport conducive to family life?
  • Should children with mobility issues be encouraged to play sport?

Many thanks to Mrs Liz DiVenuto for many of the questions

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