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Music Tuition – Enrolment

All students are encouraged to join a College Music Ensemble (Orchestra, Intro Orchestra, String Quartet, Flute Group, Fiddlesticks, Grade 6 Pop Group, Ukulele Club, Middle Years Voices’ or Senior Singers) to deepen and broaden their experience. They are also encouraged to participate in the musical life of the College, such as Liturgies, recitals and The Arts’ Festival.

Lessons are held before, during and after school, and are organised in consultation with the instrumental teacher, class teacher and student. Students can be withdrawn from class for one instrument only. If your child wishes to learn two instruments they must learn the second instrument outside of class time. Primary students cannot be withdrawn before lunch.

Students need to own or have access to an instrument prior to lessons commencing. Some instruments are available for long term loan from the College when not in use during music classes, however, all students are encouraged to purchase or hire an instrument through a retailer or company specialising in instrument hire, such as Studio 19. Hire charges are very reasonable, with a number of schemes available.

To enrol in the Individual Music Tuition program, please complete the form below. Please contact Dorothy Lincoln should you have any queries:

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