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Prep – Year 10 Mid-Year Reports and Learning Conferences

Mid-Year Reports

The Mid-Year Reports for students in Prep – Year 10 will be available on the Parent Portal, SEQTA Engage at 4pm today. SEQTA Engage is accessible on the Mount Carmel website. If you are unable to access your SEQTA Engage account please contact the College Office on 6216 7900.

Kindergarten Feedback can be collected from the classroom today.

The Mid-Year Report provides information about the following areas of your daughter’s or son’s performance.

1. Application and Attitude to Learning which consists of three components:

  • Self-Management and Awareness: this includes your son’s or daughter’s management of their behaviour, resilience and perseverance, ability to adapt and time management.
  • Social-Management and Awareness: this includes you son’s or daughter’s ability to form positive relationships, cooperation with others, communication skills, group participation and respect for others.
  • Engagement with Learning: this includes you son’s or daughter’s completion of work, generation of ideas and goals, participation in class activities and organisation.

2. Achievement of Learning: this is an indication of your son’s or daughter’s academic progress to date. In accordance with the Federal Government requirements, each student’s overall academic performance is rated using an A-E rating. Using this rating system a “C” indicates the student has achieved the expected Australian Curriculum Achievement Standard for a student in this Year at the time of reporting. Where it is not possible to assess a student at grade level a narrative report has been provided. The student’s progress is also shown for each of the strands which underpin the key learning areas.

  • A “Developing” award indicates that your child is working towards the expected standard for their year level.
  • A “Consolidating” award indicates that your child is achieving at the expected standard for their year level.
  • An “Extending” award indicates that your child is achieving above the expected standard for their year level.

Upon request the College will provide you with written information that clearly shows your child’s achievements in subjects studied, in comparison to that of other children in their peer group. This information will show you the number of students in each of the achievement ratings. This information is subject to the privacy of individual students being maintained.

Learning Conferences

Learning Conferences for all students from Kindergarten to Year 10 will be held in Providence House on Thursday 25 July and Tuesday 30 July between 3.40pm and 8.00pm.

This is an opportunity for parents and carers to meet with teachers and discuss strategies for their child’s ongoing success and improvement. Year 4 – Year 10 students are requested to attend the Learning Conference with their parent/carer so that their progress to date can be reviewed and academic goals can be considered and agreed upon. If a teacher has requested an interview, please make every opportunity to arrange a conference, or if you unavailable on the scheduled evenings please make contact to arrange another time.

Parents/Carers can make bookings from 4.00pm on Thursday 4 July by accessing Parent Teacher Online website and following the prompts.

If two parents/carers wish to attend a single interview time slot, only one parent/carer should make the booking. Your login details can be found in the Ed Smart email you have received. If you do not receive an email with full details of the Learning Conferences, or you encounter problems using the Parent/Teacher Interview booking please contact the College Office on 6216 7900, or via email.

Please note that the booking system will cease at 8.00am on the day prior to each round. This is to allow teachers adequate planning time – no late bookings will be accepted. If you miss the deadline you will need to contact your daughter’s Clan teacher to arrange another mutually convenient time.

In Years 7 – 10 if your daughter is taught by the same teacher for multiple subjects, the booking system will allow you to book once only. You may use this appointment to discuss all subjects. Parent/Carers of students in Years 9 and Year 10 will notice that you have the option to make an appointment with a representative from Guilford Young College to discuss pathways to Year 11 and 12.

If you require clarification on any matters relating to assessment and reporting please do not hesitate to contact the Director of Learning and Teaching, Kim Schade or the Director of Primary, Caroline Wilson-Haffenden.

Thank you for supporting your son or daughter with their learning during the first half of the year. The partnership that parents, teachers and students share is crucial if we are to achieve the best educational outcomes for our students, and foster their learning both in and out of the classroom.

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