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There are many reasons why the Mount Carmel College Primary School is such a joyful and nurturing educational environment. We are well-resourced, with excellent equipment and facilities; we provide a wide range of co-curricular activities, in sports and music; and we celebrate our faith and value our relationships.

Perhaps the single most important factor in our school is the quality of our teaching staff.

Our Primary teachers are constantly reflecting on the needs of individual children and exploring the best possible ways of meeting various abilities. An example of this was demonstrated a few years ago when NAPLAN data indicated that, whilst literacy scores were high, numeracy skills could be strengthened. Our teachers wasted no time in working together as a team to solve the problem. They undertook significant additional professional learning in maths and sought out innovative ways to improve the outcomes for Mount Carmel College primary students of all academic levels. As a result, our children’s maths results improve significantly.

Underpinning our emphasis on literacy and numeracy is a strong belief that spiritual development is of paramount importance. We educate the whole person and have a responsibility for ensuring that our Primary students flourish in all areas. We are a registered ‘Kids Matter’ school. This program provides us with a series of initiatives driven by a special parent and teacher committee designed to support mental health and socio-emotional well-being.

In addition to literacy and numeracy, the integrated Primary curriculum also includes Religious Education, History, Health, Science, Physical Education, and Technology. All classes have a weekly music lesson, fortnightly singing lesson and a weekly visit to the O’Brien Resource Centre. Years 3 – 6 students also learn Japanese.

Enhancing our classroom activities are opportunities to participate in Choir (fortnightly from Year 1), Music Tuition, excursions in every grade, camps in Years 4 and 5 and an extended trip to Melbourne and Canberra in Year 6.

PrimarySchoolCampA wide range of after-school sports are also offered, including basketball, hockey, netball, soccer, softball, T20 blast cricket, teeball, tennis, touch football, triathlon and water polo.

One of the benefits of being a smaller school community and a K-10 campus is that we can provide an environment where young people feel safe and experience a sense of connectedness, for example through Big Sister buddying with other girls, interschool carnivals and House competitions. Being smaller, interconnected and a girls-only school from Year 3, also provides enhanced leadership opportunities.

Our K to 10 campus ensures that the transition from primary to secondary school is smooth. Students take the steps to higher grades with confidence, knowing that their teachers know them and are aware of their many strengths, as well as their needs.

Mount Carmel College also offers Outside School Hours Care.

PrimarySchooliPadsMount Carmel iPad program (Year 3 -Year 10)

The iPad is proving to be a motivational, creative and purposeful tool for young learners. iPad educational apps help students to develop skills and express ideas in ways not previously available to them. Young, budding film makers can make movies about ideas and experiences, or imagined dialogues can be created between book characters or historical figures researched in class. Students learn about responsible and appropriate use in a supportive and positive environment.
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