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generalThe secondary curriculum offers a breadth of opportunity for all our students in a wide range of learning areas including:

  • English
  • Geography
  • Health & Physical Education
  • History
  • Languages (Chinese Mandarin & Japanese)
  • Mathematics
  • Performing & Creative Arts
  • Science & Technology
  • Theology & Spirituality
  • A rich foundational experience in a broad selection of subjects is provided in Years 7 and 8. Learning is deepened in Years 9 and 10 where, in addition to the core subjects, students are encouraged to select from a wide range of elective subjects prior to moving on to senior secondary education. Students enrolled at Mount Carmel have a guaranteed place at Guilford Young College.

    The content, structure and teaching practice of our curriculum in the final two years of education are deliberately and specifically designed to challenge students and to comprehensively prepare them for the rigours of senior secondary education.

    Our students are developed and nurtured as responsible learners, who recognise the benefits of self-discipline and balance, and understand the value of personal as well as academic growth.


    IMG_5224Our curriculum is designed for all students to achieve academic excellence by developing within them:
    • A confidence in their own abilities
    • A high level of accountability
    • The desire for students to achieve the highest standard they can
    • A strong understanding of the basis of academic progress and achievement
    • A capacity to build a personal vision for the future

    Our curriculum gives students freedom and permission to explore, question, evaluate and create.

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