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Sport at Mount Carmel College aims to promote participation, respect and cooperation. It also provides an opportunity to learn and try new skills, educate students in lifelong participation in physical activity and to have fun!

The following Information Booklets provide details about how to get involved, which sports are offered, location and times of the sports rosters and the uniform to wear.

  • 2019 Primary Sport Information
  • 2019 Secondary Sport Information
  • Everyone involved in Sport at the College is asked to adhere to the Code Of Conduct In Sport

    The table below lists the sports that are on offer for each term and by clicking on the Sign-Up button, you can register your interest in each sport. Permission slips will still be sought from Parents / Carers consenting to a child’s participation. Where there is no mention of boys, the sport is only available for girls.

    Please also use this Sign Up to register your interest as a Coach, Manager or Umpire. Please note, all sports volunteers are required to apply and obtain a Working with Vulnerable People Registration before commencing in a coaching or volunteering role.

    Sports Venue Inspection Checklist is here for Coaches/Managers to print and complete prior to the commencement of activities.

    Term 1, 2019 Term 2, 2019 Term 3, 2019 Term 4, 2019
    Soccer: Boys & Girls: Grades 1/2, 3/4 & 5/6 (Thur) Hockey: Boys & Girls: Grades 1-6 (Sat) Basketball: 3/4 & 5/6 (Thur) T20 Blast Cricket: 3-6 (Mon)
    Tennis: 5/6 Mixed (Tues) Netball: 3/4 (Wed) & 5/6 (Thur) Hockey: 3/4 (Fri) Mixed Teeball: 3/4 (Tues)
    Water Polo: 5/6 (Fri) Hockey: 5/6 (Wed) Touch Football: 5/6 (Wed)
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    Cricket: Y7-10 (Thur) Cross Country: Y7-10 (30 May) Basketball: Y7/8 (Wed) & Y9/10 (Mon) Rowing: Y7-10
    Swimming Trials: Y7-10 (12 Feb 7.15pm) Water Polo: Y7-10 (Fri) Basketball 1st Grade: (Thur) Sailing Series 2: Y5-10 (Tues/Wed)
    Sailing: Y5-10 (Tues/Wed) Hockey Div 1: Y7-10 (Thur) Hockey Div 3: Y7/8 (Thur) Softball: (Sat)
    Surfing: Y7-10 (One Day : TBC) Hockey: Div 2A (Wed) & Div 2B (Mon) Rowing: Y7-10 (T4) Tennis: Y7/8 (Tues) & Y9/10 (Thur)
    Soccer: Y7/8 (Tues) & Y9/10 (Mon) Netball: Y7/8 (Mon) & Y9/10 (Tues) Touch Football: Y7/8 (Mon) & Y9 (Wed)
    AFL 9s: Y9/10 (One Day : TBC) Badminton: Y7-10 (Fri) T20 Blast Cricket: Y7/10 (Thur)
    Surf Lifesaving: Y7-10 (Thursday 21 March) AFL: Y8-10: (T3 Tues) AFL Gala Afternoon: Y7/8 (Friday 1 November)
    Netball 1st Grade (T2 Mon)
    Volleyball: Y7/8 & Y9/10 (Mon)
    Equestrian: Y7-10 (Sunday 31 March)
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      For more information on specific sporting organisations and their rosters, visit the relevant websites:
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