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Sr Cathy Meese RSC

Sisters of Charity

Norma spoke to Sr Cathy Meese from the Sisters of Charity of Australia.

She talks to Sr Cathy about:

  • Where does the Sisters of Charity story begin?
  • What were some of the challenges faced by the early Sisters?
  • The creation of St Josephs, 170 years ago.
  • The celebration of Mount Carmel Primary School at Lauramont, Sandy Bay 70 years ago.
  • The creation of Mount Carmel College 60 years ago.
  • What is one of the life giving moments that you have experienced as a Sister of Charity?
  • What are some of the miniseries of the Sisters.
  • How is Mount Carmel College keeping the charism of the Sisters of Charity alive today?

More information can be sourced from:

  • Sisters of Charity Australia
  • Apostolate of Love, Mary Aikenhead 1787-1858 – Sr Margaret Donovan rsc
  • Those that Sowed – Sr Rosina Burns rsc
  • This Little Gem – Sr Edna Skewes rsc
  • To the Beckoning Shores – Sr Josephine Cannell rsc
  • A Cause of Trouble – Sr Moira O’Sullivan rsc
  • Many of these books are currently out of print, but by making contact with the Sisters of Charity Archives Office, an arrangement to borrow a copy could be made.

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