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By the Students, For the Students

The Little Lauramont - Edition Two is the second edition of the Mount Carmel College newspaper, composed, created and conceptualised by the students, and for the students.

The aim of the paper is to connect with the students, not just on an educational level, but a personal one. The newspaper is targeted at the students, so it’s only fair that it’s created by them. As we continue to develop the paper, various opportunities for student input and contribution will be encouraged. For the artist, creative competitions, including drawing and comic-creating will initiate, for the writer, the contribution of articles to be published in the newspaper is greatly supported, for the readers, surveys and questionnaires will be active throughout the year to shape the paper into something enjoyable for the entire school community, and for all students in all aspects of the College, opportunities to provide information for various articles will also arise. You are all active members of the College, and every individual experiences diverse occurrences – we want you to share these through The Little Lauramont - Edition Two.

Any student in the College is eligible to submit their articles anonymously or with their name and grade to The Editors on any topic they wish. Each month we will aim to publish as many of your articles as possible. If you have something to say, voice it. This is merely the beginning of what will hopefully leave a mark on Mount Carmel College.

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