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Wizard of Wonderland

After months of dedicated preparation by students and staff alike, the big moment arrived last week to premiere The Wizard of Wonderland, our Mount Carmel College Musical. Over three nights and one school matinee performance, large audiences were treated to some extraordinary acting, singing, dancing, music-making, stage managing, lighting and sound designing.

The stage crew worked tirelessly and coordinated their movements to perfection to make sure that all of the sets and props were where they needed to be, on time, every time. The lighting and sound crew ensured the show looked and sounded as good as possible. The no-fuss way in which they carried out these duties was a real credit to them. The two bands performed with a groove not often seen in bands at this level. They supported the lead vocalists most ably and were a delight to work with throughout the whole process. The backing vocalists provided colour and texture to the arrangements and allowed the lead vocalists to be supported in the climactic moments of each song.

Some of the highlights of the show were the dances that interspersed with the action. Beautiful lyricism one moment, hellish ghouls the next, this dance class showed their class throughout the entirety of the show. The actors, of course, provided many hilarious moments, combined with some more touching scenes. The characters were well developed and the cast worked together well, with dialogue flowing smoothly.

Congratulations to all of the students involved in this production.

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