Christ lies at the heart of our College. We nurture our students to be authentic witnesses to Gospel values and strive to have a strong Catholic identity.

Mount Carmel College is steeped in the charism of the Sisters of Charity and all students are encouraged to be of service to the marginalised adopting the Motto of the sisters The love of Christ impels us.

Our Religious Education program is driven by the Good News for Living framework, a living document that grapples with the mystery, life, faith and love’.

Through the teaching of comprehensive Religious Education units, it is hoped that students will be inspired to question and wonder, search for personal meaning and bring the Gospel to all, to renew and transform the world in the spirit of Evangelisation.

Our College celebrates its Christian faith through classroom prayer, fortnightly Liturgies of the Word in the Primary school, class Masses, liturgies based around seasonal events in the Catholic church and significant events in our school year. Gathering as a whole school for the celebration of the Eucharist is a vital part of our Catholic story and our spiritual journey.

In the secondary school, we look at other religions from around the world, so that students develop open hearts and minds, and an understanding of the views of others. Major moral questions confronting humanity today, such as social justice and human freedom, are addressed. All students, regardless of their religious views, are encouraged to strive for positive, respectful relationships with others in the school community and beyond.

Where students are searching, our spiritual emphasis is on helping them to understand exactly what faith in Jesus Christ is, to understand the response that the Church makes to their questions, and to examine more deeply their choices.

We aim to work with parents and carers in the faith development of our students and we strongly value the positive support of each student’s family, in our mission of leading students towards the knowledge and love of God through Jesus Christ.