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School Fees

The annual school fees for 2024 are: 

Year LevelTuition fees (P/A)Monthly Instalments (x10 : Feb - Nov)
Kinder - 3 days$2,100.00$210.00
Kinder - 4 days$2,700.00$270.00
Kinder - 5 days$3,300.00$330.00

Fees are invoiced in ten monthly instalments from February to November.

Fees and Charges Guidelines
Fees and Charges Procedures

Payment Options

Mount Carmel College offers various options to make regular payments of the annual fees.

Family Discount on Tuition Fees

A family discount is available on tuition fees when a number of children in the family attend Tasmanian Catholic schools. The discount rates are: 

  • 3 children – 10%
  • 4 children – 20%
  • 5 children or more – 30%

Please click on the Family Discounts Application link below and submit. The discount is applied to tuition fees only and is not applied to the enrolment fee, enrichment course charges for Years 9 and 10, interstate or overseas trips, IT levies or capital levy.


School fees at each year level do not include interstate or overseas trips, in accordance with our Fees and Charges Guidelines and Fees and Charges Procedures.   The cost of these are not possible to determine at this time.

Enrichment course charges for Years 9 and 10 are added as an additional component of the February invoice (activities such as Outdoor Education, extreme sports and VET subjects). Fees for students in Years 9 and 10 will vary because of these charges. There is no refund for activities that students do not attend during the year. 

An IT levy of $160 will be added to the Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 invoices
An IT levy of $314 will be added to the Year 7 invoice.
An IT levy of $255 will be added to the Years 8, 9 and 10 invoices.
A separate, compulsory Capital levy of $100 is charged to each family.

For those students who utilise the College Bus service, please be aware the total annual amount is added to your February invoice.

Early Payment Discount

Payment of the annual account by 31 March 2024 will attract a discount of $100 per enrolled student. 

Overdue Accounts

An Overdue account fee of $10 will be charged on overdue accounts. 

Fees for Late Commencement/Early Departure

Should a student commence or conclude their studies at Mount Carmel College part of the way through a month, a proportion of the relevant fees will be charged. For students commencing up to and including the 15th of the month, full fees will be charged. Commencing after the 15th of the month, 50% of normal fees will be charged. For students concluding up to and including the 15th of the month, 50% of the normal fees will be charged. Concluding after the 15th of the month, full fees will be charged. 

Notice of Withdrawal

Parents are requested to provide written notice of withdrawal of a student to the Principal. The required period of notice is at least ten school weeks (one term) prior to the withdrawal of the student.

Where notice is not provided, full tuition fees may need to be paid to the school for the number of school weeks where notice was not provided. This includes withdrawal prior to the start of the school year.

The notice period may be reduced or waived in special circumstances, with the final decision regarding the reduction or waiving of this fee at the discretion of the Principal.

Fee Variations

Families who anticipate or are experiencing difficulty in paying fees are invited to contact the Principal or Finance Officer. Alternative payment arrangements may be considered or negotiated.