Learning is celebrated in the Primary School. It is a vibrant and dynamic academic environment founded on rich relationships, where students feel safe and secure and have a strong sense of belonging. 

Mount Carmel College students are encouraged to think positively, to step outside their comfort zones, recognise their strengths, interact and respect others and engage with the wider community.

Our tailored curriculum provides the challenges and encouragement that students need to thrive and develop at their own pace.  The academic program for learning is inquiry based, rigorous and inclusive of all students.  The students are encouraged to become critical and creative thinkers, to problem solve, and to understand the connections between their learning and the real world.  The students learning journey is a partnership between parents, students and the school.

The key learning areas are:

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Health and Physical Education
  • The Arts – Music, Drama, Visual Arts and Dance
  • Japanese
  • Technologies

Technology is an integral part of the curriculum and is embedded across all year levels. Students from Prep to Year 4 have access to class sets of iPads while students in Years 5 and 6  have access to class sets of laptops. More information about our ICT program is available here.

Students are assessed in meaningful and authentic ways.  Assessment of their knowledge and skills is ongoing, with feedback provided to students and parents throughout the process to allow them to monitor their own progress and to continually strive to improve their learning outcomes.

An extensive excursion program and co-curricular program caters for students’ diverse abilities and interests across a diverse range of activities that include sporting, cultural, musical, social and personal areas.  Through these activities, each student has the opportunity to develop her potential – spiritually, socially, physically and culturally.