Regular attendance at school is important to the wellbeing of all students, however we realise that, at times, absence will be unavoidable.

Lateness and Attendance

As educators, we wholeheartedly believe that regular attendance and arriving to school on time are fundamental building blocks for success. These habits instil a sense of responsibility, discipline, and commitment that will serve your child well throughout their school years and future endeavours. 

Being on time and maintaining consistent attendance is vital for a variety of reasons including: 

1. Academic Achievement: Regular attendance ensures that students fully engage in the learning process, absorb essential concepts, and participate in class discussions and activities. Missing even a few days can result in gaps in their knowledge, making it harder for them to keep up with their peers. 

2. Social Interaction: School is not just about academics; it’s also a place for students to develop social skills and build friendships. Consistent attendance helps them foster meaningful relationships with classmates and teachers, contributing to their emotional well-being and overall happiness. 

3. Accountability and Reliability: By prioritizing punctuality and attendance, your child learns the value of responsibility and reliability. These qualities will be indispensable in their future careers and personal lives. 

4. Habit Formation: Early adherence to punctuality and regular attendance helps shape positive habits that can carry over to various aspects of life, such as time management and meeting deadlines. 

5. Teacher-Student Connection: Regular attendance allows teachers to better understand your child’s strengths, areas for growth, and learning styles, enabling them to provide personalized support and encouragement. 

6. Time to settle in: Arriving at school on time or early enables even the youngest students to settle in, check timetables or daily schedules, socialise, get organised and enter the day without the stress of rushing and being late. 

To maximise the best learning outcomes, our students must be present and actively engaged in their learning every day they can.  The partnership between home and school is a very important factor in providing the best pastoral care around attendance.  If families would like support in getting their students to school, please do not hesitate to contact the College Office via email or on 6216 7900 and we can work together to explore strategies such as incentives, counselling or organisational solutions.

Attendance Procedures

Student Absence

Reasons for student absence should be reported via the Quick Links tab located in the bottom right corner on the College website homepage by 9.00am.  If notification of absence has not been received by the College by 9.30am, an automatic SMS will be sent to parents requesting an explanation.  

Student Arriving Late

Late arrivals should be reported via the Quick Links tab located in the bottom right corner on the College website homepage by 9.00am. Upon arrival at school, students must report to the Student Services Office to sign in and collect a late slip.  If the College has not received prior communication of the lateness, parents will receive an email requesting an explanation.  

Unresolved Absences

If no response from a parent is received from either the SMS or email, one further email will be sent attempting to resolve the absence.

Student Leaving Early

If a student needs to leave early, parents should report this via the Quick Links tab located in the bottom right corner on the College website homepage by 9.30am.  Early notice minimises disruptions to classrooms during teaching time. 
Students are given an appointment slip to show their teacher to be released from class. They must then come to the Student Services office to sign out. 

  • Kindergarten – Year 6 students must be collected from Student Services.
  • Year 7 -10 Students – parents can nominate via the online form where they would like to collect their child from, noting that supervision is not provided. 

Student feeling unwell at school

If a student is unwell during the day they should report to a teacher for permission to come to Student Services. Parents will then be contacted by staff to collect their child.  Your support in not responding to text messages from your daughter is appreciated, as it causes confusion when parents arrive at the College Office to collect an unwell student who has not reported to First Aid.

Please note that only primary parent/carers will be contacted to arrange collection.  An emergency contact will only be contacted in the event of an emergency.  

College Approved Leave, Extended Leave and Exemptions

In cases of extended absences from school, such as for State Representative sport, cultural reasons or family travel, parents and carers need to complete an application for planned extended leave for students. Extended leave constitutes 5 days or more leave from school.

Applications for Extended Leave due to Sports Representation and Family Travel should be submitted at least 2 school weeks prior to the commencement of the leave to ensure key learning tasks, assessments and College events can be considered.

Click on the following link and complete the form. If you have any queries, please contact Student Services via email or on 6216 7900.

Extended Leave Application