At Mount Carmel College we take great pride in offering a healthy, fresh and varied range of meal and snack options.

View our Term 2, 2024 Canteen Menu here.

Canteen Manager, Tania Saville, is very mindful of the cost to families, so prices are kept as low as possible. Tania is assisted by a group of volunteer parents. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the Canteen Volunteers Form.

Fresh, local ingredients are used whenever possible, with salad wraps and rolls made fresh to order. Salads and home-made meals such as pasta, fried rice and nachos are available everyday, with home made soup, curries and jacket potatoes offered in Terms 2 and 3.

Food from home cannot be brought and heated due to Hobart City Council health regulations.

Opening times

The Canteen is open every day until 1.30pm.

How to order

To assist parents, the College uses an online ordering system called Qkr by Mastercard. Lunches can be ordered and paid for via the Qkr app which also allows for lunches to be pre-ordered days, even weeks, ahead.

All orders must be placed prior to 9.00am daily. Orders placed after this time will not be accepted by the app. There is no replacement or refund for orders not collected. Parents and carers must notify the Canteen by 9am if their student is absent and will not be able to collect an order.

Learn more about using the Qkr! app here: How to Guide

The old system of brown paper bags is still available for those who do not have access to the App via a SmartPhone or hand held device. Orders should be clearly written, preferably in ink, including name and grade, with correct money enclosed. Filling requests for sandwiches, ciabattas, wraps and rolls need to be written on the bag (e.g. ham, lettuce and tomato).

Primary (Kinder – Year 6)

Brown paper lunch bags are provided in all classrooms. Students put their completed lunch orders in the lunch bag located in each classroom.

Secondary (Years 7-10)

Our free brown paper lunch bags can be taken from the hook on the canteen door. The menu is on the door of the canteen and a posting slot for completed orders. Orders must be submitted at the start of the day before Clan commences at 8.45am.

No nuts!

As a number of our children have serious nut allergies, it is essential that no nuts are brought to school in any form (including nut-based ingredients in sandwiches, such as pesto).

Special dietary needs

For those students with a medically-diagnosed dietary requirement (such as an allergy to eggs or gluten intolerance), parents are requested to email Tania or telephone her on 6216 7909 to discuss options.

Canteen Volunteers

In order to keep our canteen running at its best, we rely on the generous support of volunteers from our College community. Volunteering in our canteen provides a wonderful opportunity to be part of your child’s school life and get to know the staff and students your child shares so much of their time with. 

We welcome mums, dads, grandparents, carers etc. Unfortunately toddlers/children are not permitted in the Canteen due to health & safety regulations. To ensure the safety of our students, volunteers are required to present a current Working With Vulnerable People (WWVP) check to the College Office.

Our Canteen operates 5 days a week and volunteers are required from 9.30am until 1.30pm. You may wish to volunteer once a week, once a month or once a term. Any amount of time you give us is a valuable resource for the College and is sincerely appreciated. No experience is necessary. You will be guided through the preparation of lunches and the serving of over-the-counter purchases. If you would like to be part of the Canteen team, please contact the Canteen on 6216 7909 between 8.30am and 1.30pm.