Connecting with parents through SEQTA Engage.

SEQTA is an online learning management system used by students, teachers, parents and carers of Mount Carmel to engage with their child’s learning.

Providing students with regular online feedback through SEQTA enables students, parents and carers to
engage with the learning process as it is happening. Online feedback also facilitates meaningful discussions between teachers, parents, carers and students about their learning

SEQTA has three portals:

SEQTA Engage

Used by parents and carers as their portal. SEQTA Engage allows parents and carers to view information about their child’s subjects, timetable, assessments, homework, past reports and feedback from teachers.


Used by students for daily organisation, College communication, accessing subject and lesson information, submitting assessments, and receiving feedback from teachers.


Used by teachers and the College to record and collect student data, daily organisation and for enhancing learning through sharing lesson resources and providing assessment feedback for students and parents.


At the commencement of the school year, parents and carers who are new to the College will need to activate their SEQTA Engage account. An email with their SEQTA Engage login details will be sent to them.

Once you have set up your login details for the first time, you can access SEQTA Engage via two ways:

  1. Using the app on your mobile phone or tablet which can be downloaded via the AppStore or GooglePlay, or,
  2. Using the link located at the top right-hand side of the College website using a computer.

If using the SEQTA app, you will remain logged on and will receive a notification each time a new assessment task has been uploaded or feedback has been released.

Please remember to update the College if your email address changes. If you are having any problems accessing SEQTA Engage or have lost your login details, please contact Student Services via email:

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