Our Strategic Plan celebrates our uniqueness, our heritage and our commitment to our students to be the best they can be.

Realising our mission

With Christ as our guiding light and in the charism of the Sisters of Charity, we educate each person to exceed their expectations, to nourish faith and contribute to shaping a just society.

Striving towards our vision

We aspire to develop courageous learners who act with justice and embody a strong sense of inclusiveness and compassion.

Guided by our motto

Fortes in Fide.

Strategic Plan

In Mary Aikenhead’s words God’s love illuminates the path and leads us home.

We invite you to read our Strategic Plan and see how it will help to illuminate our path and remind us of the beauty that is Mount Carmel College – our home.

  • Catholic Identity: Mount Carmel College gives witness to our distinctive educational, spiritual, moral and social purpose.
  • Courageous Learning: all our learning programs support our students to grow, to challenge themselves and to have the courage to use their knowledge to make a difference.
  • Leading to Serve: servant leadership is a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organisations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world.
  • Sense of Community: care for the entire person with attention to the needs of each person and their wellbeing. Community is a hallmark of Mount Carmel College.
  • Stewardship: the job of taking care of the College and God’s creation.

The directions outlined in the Strategic Plan result from consultation with students, staff, parents, Board members and alumni. There has been careful analysis of the latest local and global trends in education and where we need to position ourselves in relation to this, but also in relation to the provision of Catholic education for girls in the Tasmanian and Hobart context. These directions must also guide us in the continued improvement and development of facilities to accommodate our school.