We are fortunately located on Sandy Bay Road, giving students multiple transport options.

Mount Carmel College Bus Services

The cost of our bus service is $800 per year for a return fare, or $500 per year for one way. The monthly instalment will be spread over 10 months February to November, $80 return fare or $50 one way. This charge will be included in your school fee account. There will be no reimbursement for days when the service is not utilised and the College Code of Conduct applies to this service. After school activities and casual bookings cannot be accommodated.

To book a place please Book Your Bus here, indicating from the drop down information your preferred stop(s). If you have any queries, please email info@mountcarmel.tas.edu.au or call the College Office on 6216 7900.

Please note, this online booking form does not automatically guarantee you a place on the bus, the College Office will contact you when a place has been arranged. Exact routes and stops are indicative only and these stops may change for the 2020 school year.

Public Transport

Metro bus stops are located at our ‘front door’ and buses travelling along Sandy Bay Road connect with northern, western and eastern bus services in the city. If a student needs to catch a second connecting bus that trip is free. Metro timetables can be sourced from the following website address: www.metrotas.com.au or by ringing the Metro hotline 13 2201.

Sorell: contact Redline on 1300 360 000 or information can be found on their website.

Huonville: contact Roberts Coaches on 6264 1174.

Grafton and New Norfolk: contact O’Driscoll Coaches on 6261 4653.

Richmond: contact Tassie Link on 6235 7300.

Our Timetables

Stop Pick up Drop off
Cnr Baileys Lane & Estate Drive 7.15 am 4.40 pm
807 Acton Road (AM) 7.17 am
Bus Stop - 137 Axiom Way, Acton Park (PM) 4.36 pm
Cnr Saxon Drive & Acton Road (AM) 7.20 am
Cnr Bangalee St & Hadlow Rd 7.23 am 4.31 pm
Cnr Coolahra & Bangalee Streets 7.25 pm 4.29 pm
Foreshore Tavern car park 7.29 am 4.25 pm
Lauderdale Primary School (PM) 4.23 pm
Bus Stop 72 – Rokeby Police Academy 7.34 am 4.20 pm
Bus Stop 69 - Rokeby Shops (Vinnies AM) (Legs & Breasts PM) 7.36 am 4.19 pm
Bus Stop 47 – Howrah Garden Centre (AM) / Rokeby Fire Station (PM) 7.38 am 4.17 pm
Bus Stop – Cnr South Arm Highway & Oceana Drive 7.41 am 4.12 pm
Opposite Shackleton Street (3D Paint sign )(AM) 7.46 am
Mount Carmel College (afternoon pick up at rear of College on Quorn Street) 3.30 pm
Stop Pick up Drop off
Bus Stop - Gordons Hill Road (PM) 4.35 pm
Geilston Bay Fish Shop cul-de-sac (Nubeena Street) 7.20 am 4.28 pm
Bus Stop 19 - Derwent Avenue 7.22 am 4.26 pm
Bus Stop 16 - Eldon Street (PM) 4.20 pm
Bus Stop 13 - Lincoln Street (near Church) 7.23 am 4.16 pm
Bus Stop 10 – East Derwent Highway (Beltana Hotel) 7.25 am 4.15 pm
Bus Stop 9 – East Derwent Highway (IGA drop off location) 7.27 am 4.14 pm
Ronnie Street (near public telephone box) 7.29 am 4.12 pm
Cnr Rosny Esplanade and Kellatie Road 7.32 am 4.08 pm
Cnr Rosny Esplanade and Ninda Street 7.33 am 4.00 pm
Bus Stop 6 – Cambridge Road, Bellerive (AM) 7.35 am
Bus Stop 11 - Clarence Street, Bellerive (PM) 3.56 pm
Bus Stop 13 – Clarence Street, Bellerive (PM) 3.54 pm
Bus Stop - King Street (PM) 3.52 pm
Bus Stop 19 – Bellerive Bluff (AM) 7.38 am 3.51 pm
Bus Stop 9 – Clarence Street (opposite Bellerive Vet) (AM) 7.47 am
Winkleigh Place, Rosny (AM) 7.50 am
Bus Stop 8 – Opposite Bellerive Yacht Club (PM) 3.50 pm
Mount Carmel College (afternoon pick up at front of College on Sandy Bay Road) 3.30 pm
Stop Pick up Drop off
Seven Mile Beach Shop Car Park (AM) 7.30 am
12 Seven Mile Beach Road (AM) 7.32 am
39 International Close (PM) 4.42 pm
3 Vivalenett Close (AM) 7.33 am
8 Vivalenett Close (AM) 7.35 am
39 Winston Avenue (PM) 4.38 pm
Cr Leyden Avenue and Kuru Road (PM) 4.36pm
24 Surf Road (PM) 4.34 pm
Seven Mile Beach Shop Car Park (PM) 4.32 pm
Seven Mile Beach Road (Outside house no. 12) (PM) 4.30 pm
Cnr Seven Mile Beach Road/Coastal Drive 7.38 am 4.29 pm
8 Vivalenett Close (PM) 4.28 pm
Bus Stop – Seven Mile Beach Rd (outside house no. 77) 7.40 am 4.26 pm
207 Saxon Drive (PM) 4.22 pm
47 Opus Drive (PM) 4.19 pm
807 Acton Road (PM) 4.17 pm
88 Lynrowan Place (PM) 4.15 pm
153 Jeune Drive 7.46 am 4.14 pm
Lynrowan Place (AM) 7.48 am
162 Jeune Drive (PM) 4.10 pm
Cnr Alliance Drive and Acton Road (road off roundabout) (AM) 7.50 am
Camrise Drive, Cambridge 4.05 pm
Mount Carmel College (afternoon pick up at rear of College on Quorn Street) 3.30 pm
Stop Pick up Drop off
Brighton Bakery (AM) Bowls Club (PM) 7.15 am 4.35 pm
Bridgewater Bus Zone (near overpass at McDonalds) 7.22 am 4.30 pm
542 Main Road, Granton (cnr Akamas Drive) (PM) 4.25 pm
Bus Stop 47 - Main Road, Granton 7.24 am 4.24 pm
Lagoon Store (AM) 7.26 am
Bus Stop 44 – past St Virgil's College (PM) 4.23 pm
Bus Stop – outside 145 Main Road, Austins Ferry (AM) 7.30 am
Bus Stop – Opposite Claremont College, Claremont Link Road (AM) 7.35 am
Main Road, Moonah (bottom of Amy Street, near The Good Guys) (PM) 4.06 pm
Bus Stop - Ogilvie High School (PM) 3.59 pm
Caltex Service Station, Risdon Road 7.50 am 3.57 pm
Bus Stop 11 - Calvery Hospital, Augusta Road (AM) 7.57 am
Mount Carmel College (afternoon pick up at front of College on Sandy Bay Road) 3.30 pm
Stop Pick up Drop off
Goondi Street - Mackillop College (PM) 4.10 pm
Bus Stop - outside/opposite Mornington Inn 7.36 am 4.09 pm
Shoreline Hotel Car Park (AM) 7.42 am
Opposite Shackleton Street (3D Paint sign) (PM) 4.08 pm
Cnr Binalong Rd & Derinya St (PM) 4.06 pm
51 Quarry Road (PM) 4.03 pm
Bus Stop 13 – Clarence Street, Bellerive (AM) 7.46 am
Bus Stop – Rosny Library, Cambridge Road (PM) 4.01 pm
Rosny Bus Mall (PM) 4.00 pm
Federal Street, North Hobart - near Black Buffalo (PM) 3.48 pm
Bus Stop - opposite Police Station, Argyle Street (PM) 3.30 pm
Bus Stop 10 – Goulburn Street (AM - if required) 8.01 am
Mount Carmel College (afternoon pick up at front of College on Sandy Bay Road) 3.30 pm
Stop Pick up Drop off
Bus Stop - past Austins Ferry Shop) (PM) 4.40 pm
Abbotsfield Road (near roundabout) (PM) 4.35 pm
Bus Stop 44 - Old Granton Road (opposite Arncliffe Road) (AM) 7.20 am
Bus Stop 39 - United Service Station, Claremont 7.22 am 4.33 pm
Bus Stop - opposite Claremont College (Claremont Link Road) (PM) 4.30 pm
Berriedale Store (PM) 4.28 pm
Bus Stop 39 – Chandos Drive 7.27 am 4.27 pm
Bus Stop 43 – Crosby Road 7.28 am 4.26 pm
Bus Stop 39 – Katoomba Crescent 7.30 am 4.25 pm
Bus Stop 41 – Grove Road Shop, Glenorchy 7.34 am 4.20 pm
Bus Stop - outside Glenorchy Police Station (AM) 7.35 am
Bus Stop - outside Glenview Nursing Home (PM) 4.19 pm
Main Road (outside KFC) (PM) 4.18 pm
Bus Stop 22 – 42 Springfield Avenue (AM) 7.40 am
Springfield Avenue - opposite Bus Stop 22 (PM) 4.15 pm
Bus Stop 37 – cnr Tolosa Street and Brent Street 7.45 am 4.10 pm
Barossa Road (Charlie’s Takeaway) 7.48 am 4.07 pm
Bus Stop - Opposite Salamanca Fresh, Augusta Road (AM) 7.55 am
Bus Stop - Augusta Road shops (PM) 4.00 pm
Bus Stop 11 – Augusta Road (Calvary Hospital) (PM) 3.55 pm
Bus Stop - State Cinema, Elizabeth Street (AM) 8.00 am
Bus Stop 541- Federal Street (just before Elizabeth Street lights) (PM) 3.50 pm
Bus Stop 10 - Goulburn Street, West Hobart 8.01 am 3.35 pm
Mount Carmel College (afternoon pick up at front of College on Sandy Bay Road) 3.30 pm
Stop Pick up Drop off
Snug Shop 7.15 am 4.40pm
Margate Chemist 7.22 am 4.32 pm
Continue along Channel Highway
Antarctic Division / Fork in the Road (PM) 4.25 pm
Bus Stop – Algona Road (outside Bayview Market) 7.32 am 4.20 pm
Cnr Roslyn Avenue & Myuna Road 7.34 am 4.09 pm
128 Wells Parade (first bus stop on Tinderbox side) (AM) 7.35 am
Metro Bus Stop – Suncoast Drive (bottom of Suncoast Drive) 7.36 am 4.14 pm
Metro Bus Stop – Suncoast Drive (top of Suncoast Drive) 7.37 am 4.16 pm
Sherburd Park Oval – Brightwater Road 7.39 am 4.18 pm
Roslyn Avenue - cnr Garnett Street (AM) / cnr Myuna Road (PM) 7.40 am 4.10 pm
Metro Bus Stop – Roslyn Avenue (just before Wells Parade) 7.41 am 4.08 pm
Bus Stop – Cnr Roslyn Avenue and Blowhole Road 7.42 am 4.07 pm
Metro Bus Stop – Tingira Road 7.43 am 4.06 pm
Bus Stop – St Aloysius College 7.44 am 4.05 pm
Bus Stop - Mount Royal Road, Kingston Heights (AM) 7.45 am
Metro Bus Stop - Kingston Beach Hall 7.48 am 4.00pm
Kingston Shops (Commonwealth & Westpac Banks) 7.51 am 3.56 pm
Channel Highway - just before Browns Road 7.53 am 3.53 pm
Metro Bus Stop - opposite Alpha Electrics, Browns Road (AM) 7.55 am
Browns Road - end of bridge near Southern Outlet 7.56 am 3.51 pm
Davey Street (St Anne’s Nursing Home) (PM) 3.40 pm
Mount Carmel College (afternoon pick up at front of College on Sandy Bay Road) 3.30 pm