Mount Carmel College has committed to providing the best opportunities for our students to engage with up-to-date technologies.

Mount Carmel College is in the final year of transitioning from an iPad program to a Windows 10 based laptop program. Such technology supports the development of relevant skills, including creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

The introduction of laptops commenced in 2019 and will conclude in 2023 with class sets of iPads for students in Prep to Year 4 and laptops from Year 5 to Year 10. The laptops will allow students to access the full curriculum on a device that will also prepare them for their College years. Some specialised software and services will be now accessible to the students, and we can better meet our students’ needs in preparing them for the technology demands of the 21st century.

The device chosen is the Lenovo Yoga 500w. Students lease this through the College over a four-year period (Year 7-10), during which the College retains full ownership of the device, and therefore takes care of maintenance. At the end of this period, students/parents will own the device if all levies have been paid.

In 2023:
  • Years 3 & 4 – MCC supplied class set of iPads
  • Years 5 & 6 – MCC supplied class set of laptops
  • Years 7-10 – Students leased laptop

Information and training sessions will be held for students and parents early in Term One of each new school year. Topics covered include Apps, Online Safety, Cyber-Bullying, Digital Footprints, appropriate device usage and security settings.

Parent Resources & Cyber Safety