1. What are the benefits of my child attending Mount Carmel College?

Read our Welcome to Mount Carmel College for a description of how we inspire our students to flourish. We have a very proud record of academic achievement and an important focus on spiritual growth. For those parents considering sending their daughter to Mount Carmel, you may also be interested to read about the Why an All Girls School page.

2. How many students are in the school?

There are 585 students spanning all year levels from Kindergarten to Year 10.

3. Do we have to be Catholic for our child to attend the school?

While enrolment preference is given to Catholic families, our College community is an inclusive one. We are proud of the many students who have come to us from other Catholic, Independent and Government schools.

4. On what basis are places offered?

Preference for enrolment is determined by the prioritised order listed in the Catholic Education Enrolment Policy. If you are keen to secure a place, you will need to submit an Enrolment Form, preferably before April of the year preceding entry.

5. Do you take boys?

No, our last cohort of boys finished at Mount Carmel in 2023.
Our Early Learning Centre is available for girls and boys from 3 years of age running 5 days a week.

6. What are the usual class sizes?

Classes vary in size, upwards from 20 students depending on the year level and subject. The College has a number of teacher assistants to provide additional support where needed.

7. What are the fees?

Details of fees can be found here.

8. Can I come and look around the school?

Prospective students and their families are warmly invited to book a tour of our school during term. Tours are conducted by our students. Once applications are received, you and your child/children will be invited to have an interview with our Principal. You are also welcome to book an informal interview with the Principal before deciding to enrol. Simply request this when you complete our Enrolment Form.

9. Do all students wear uniform?

Yes, a uniform is compulsory for all students at the school, from our Early Learning Centre and Kindergarten right through to Year 10. See the Uniform page for full details on what is to be worn and the uniform requirements.

10. What happens at the end of Year 10?

Mount Carmel students have a guaranteed place for Years 11 and 12 at Guilford Young College – Tasmania’s only Catholic Co-educational Senior Secondary College.

11. Is there a canteen?

Yes, our canteen is open every day. See the menu and find out more on our Canteen page. The College uses an online ordering system called Qkr by Mastercard (pronounced ‘quicker’). Lunches can be ordered and paid for via the Qkr app which also allows for lunches to be pre-ordered days, even weeks, ahead. The Canteen is open every day until 1.30pm for over-the-counter sales at both recess and lunch.

12. When and where do the school buses run?

Mount Carmel College has a number of dedicated buses servicing Hobart and surrounds. To find out more and to book a bus place online for your child, please see our Bus Information page.

13. What are the school Houses and Colours?

Lourdes (Green), Carmel (Yellow) and Loreto (Red)

14. Where do parents park to drop off and collect children?

Parents either park on the surrounding streets such as Sandy Bay Road, Nelson Road, Earl Street or opposite at Wrest Point Casino or they can drop their children off in our dedicated “Kiss & Drop” zone in Quorn Street (the back entrance to our property). Parents can use the front car park when a child is sick or they need to collect them for an appointment during school hours.

15. Where does the bus drop off and collect children in school grounds?

The arrival and departure points for Mount Carmel are at the back of the school in Quorn Street, Nelson Road or at the bottom of the stairs in front of the school on Sandy Bay Road. The Metro public bus stop is right outside the school on Sandy Bay Road.

16. How does the school deal with conflict and bullying?

The entire school is committed to a ‘Restorative Practice’ approach to behaviour management which focuses attention on the quality of relationships and that students, staff and parents are well supported and treated with equity and justice. This approach seeks to build, maintain and restore relationships that have been harmed. Click on the link to Restorative Practice for more information.
We also have a College Counsellor and Psychologist based on site.
Our school follows the Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission policies on Anti-Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying; and Cyber bullying. All students, staff and parents are also expected to adhere to the Mount Carmel College Creed of Rights & Responsibilities

17. What are the school start and finish times?

The school day for Kindergarten commences at 8.45am and concludes at 3.05pm
The school day for our Primary classes (Prep – Year 6) commences at 8.45am and concludes at 3.05pm.
The school day for the Secondary students (Years 7 – 10) commences at 8.40am and concludes at 3.20pm.

18. Can my child have private music tuition?

Yes, music tuition is available through the school. Information and online booking is available.

19. What other purchases are there, apart from school fees and uniform?

A school-leased laptop is required for all students from Years 7 to 10. Class sets of iPads and laptops are provided by the College for students in Years 3 to 6. Information on the College’s ICT program is available by clicking here.
Any additional book and stationery requirements can be purchased wherever they are found to be cheapest.

20. What help, support and extension opportunities are available for students?

We have learning support and extension programs for individuals and groups from Kinder to Year 10, with a number of special programs such as the Language & Literacy Classes (8LL & 7LL), Letters & Sounds, and Spelling Mastery. We also have a school counsellor on campus.

21. How does the school keep parents informed about what is going on?

The View newsletter is emailed to parents on a fortnightly basis with informative articles and events that will be happening in the weeks ahead. It is therefore very important that we have parents’ email addresses (please email us if you think we may not have your email address or it needs updating). We also have a Facebook page and Instagram account where we post photos and news of events and activities.

22. What do we do if our child is sick or can’t attend school?

Parents can now notify the College quickly and easily through our online absence reporting form. This will send an email to the College and a confirmation email to the parent.

23. Do the students go on camps and what do they cost?

School fees include excursions, co-curricular activities and learn-to-swims programs.

In Primary School, there are excursions in every year level and overnight camps from Year 4 and up.

There may be occasions where educational/excursion opportunities arise which are not covered by the annual fees. For example, Year 6 students have an annual trip to Canberra which requires an additional payment. Years 9 and 10 students who have chosen the Outdoor Education elective pay a supplementary subsidy for their special activities and training (depending on numbers of students involved), and those choosing Japanese as an elective in Years 9 and 10 may have the optional opportunity to travel to Japan, but will also need to pay an additional amount for this.

24. How much homework is expected of students?

The following time allocations are an approximate guide:

  • Prep – Year 2: approximately 10mins per night – read to parents and shared reading
  • Years 3-4:  approximately 15mins per night (1 to 1.25 hours per week)
  • Year 5: approximately 20mins per night (1.45 hours per week)
  • Year 6: approximately 30mins per night (2.5 hours per week)

Some weeks secondary students will have more or less homework than the following guide, but should not be required to spend a lot more time than this on homework on a regular basis:

  • Year 7: approximately 45 mins per night (4 hours per week)
  • Year 8: approximately 55 mins per night (4.5 hours per week)
  • Year 9: approximately 65 mins per night (5.5 hours per week)
  • Year 10: approximately 70 mins per night (6 hours per week)

There is no homework set for school holidays.

25. Does the school offer financial support?

As part of its Fees & Charges Policy, Mount Carmel College fully supports the principle adopted by all Catholic schools that Catholic children should not be excluded from Catholic schools if their parents’/carers’ are unable to pay school fees. We therefore warmly encourage Catholic parents and carers to contact us if they find themselves in this position for whatever reason.