The Alumnae’s purpose is to continue to find new ways to grow and connect with Mount Carmel College and with each other.

The Alumnae association was established to foster a spirit of pride in the College and foster a sense of community. We therefore welcome all past students, parents and staff and encourage alumnae of all generations to stay connected with us.

All Alumnae of Mount Carmel and St Joseph’s are welcome to attend the regularly held meetings and contribute fresh ideas and insights. The Alumnae’s success comes from the strength of the connections formed by its members.

For the full story of St. Joseph’s and Mount Carmel and historical photos, please see our History page.

The objectives of the Association are:
  1. To promote the interests of Mount Carmel College, Sandy Bay, Tasmania.
  2. To foster a spirit of union and good fellowship amongst the ex-students of the said College.
  3. To unite as far as possible the past students of the said College with the present students thereof.
  4. To keep the ex-students of the said College together and in touch with the College activities and with the College Authorities.
  5. To support and assist all functions and activities of the College.
  6. To hold re-unions and other functions.
  7. To foster amongst the ex-students a greater spirit of pride in and patriotism towards the College so that by example and conduct in religious civil and social matters the College may be kept in a pre-eminent position amongst the educational establishments of Australasia.
  8. To foster amongst the students of the College a spirit of affectionate respect for the ex-students and to make available to the students willingly and gratuitously the advice of the ex-students gained from experience.
Connect With Us

The College is exceptionally proud of the many and varied achievements of its past students, so we encourage all alumnae to reconnect with us and share their stories, career updates, successes and family news with us.

Follow us on Facebook to keep abreast of our latest news and events. Find and Like our page by searching for Alumnae of Mount Carmel College. We encourage all Old Scholars to share this page with their network of former classmates. You can also stay in touch with current news at the College by reading The View newsletter which is published fortnightly online.

Keep in touch by contacting us via email or Tell Us Your Story. Let us know your name (maiden and married), postal address, email address plus the years you attended Mount Carmel.

2020-2021 Committee
  • President: Yvonne Chaperon
  • Vice President: Maureen Fasnacht
  • Treasurer: Liz Jordan
  • Secretary: Barbara Berkery
  • Committee Members: Norma Cooper, Anne Haward and Therese McDevitt
Spirit of Pride Award

The Alumnae of Mount Carmel College initiated the Spirit of Pride Award in 2017. Presented to a Year 5 student who embodies the community spirit of union and good fellowship and fosters a spirit of pride in and patriotism towards the College. The Principal, in consultation with staff, selects the student to be honoured with this award at the College’s annual Celebration Evening.

Lauramont Magazine

Please click on the links to read each edition of Lauramont magazine.

WoWOW – The Wall of WOW!

A group of secondary Mount Carmel students have combined their English and IT skills to connect with the College’s alumnae by creating the WoWOW Team.
The team interview alumni of the College, asking the former students to share their stories, successes and career paths. You can hear their stories by clicking on the links below.

The team is keen to interview more former students. Any alumnae who have 20 minutes to spare and would like to share their story, please make contact with Dr Simon James.