The Alumni’s purpose is to continue to find new ways to grow and connect with Mount Carmel College and with each other.

2020-2021 Committee

President: Yvonne Chaperon (1981)
Vice President: Maureen (Pardoe) Fasnacht (1983)
Secretary: Barbara Berkery (St Joseph’s 1956)
Treasurer: Liz (Horlock) Jordan (1972)
Committee Members:
Norma (Rhodes) Cooper (1979)
Anne (Woodhouse) Haward (1977)
Therese McDevitt (1980)

The Alumni Committee is the Old Scholars’ Association and was formed in part to foster continuing friendships after school days are finished, to foster a spirit of union amongst ex-students and to promote the interests of Mount Carmel College. We are a group of women with a strong bond forged by our memories (both recent and distant) of school days past.

Stay in Touch

Email address: Keep in touch by contacting us via email
Facebook: search Alumni of Mount Carmel College
Alumni Database: We need your assistance in keeping the College Alumni database up to date.  Please complete the online form by clicking here.

A group of secondary Mount Carmel students have combined their English and IT skills to connect with the College’s alumni by creating the WoWOW Team. The team interview Alumni of the College, asking the former students to share their stories, successes and career paths. You can hear their stories by clicking on the links below.

The team is keen to interview more former students. Any alumni who have 20 minutes to spare and would like to share their story, please make contact with Dr Simon James.

Mount Carmel delights in their alumni returning to the College, or getting together whenever opportunities emerge. Our Reunions and Alumni Events page details upcoming events.

Mount Carmel College has a long history and the archives are an important record of the existence and past achievements of our College.

Donations of archival materials (including St Joseph’s College) are most welcome and will be catalogued, preserved and treasured within the College.  We are happy to accept all donations including paper documents, objects relating to the history of Mount Carmel College, uniforms, school magazines, photos, trophies, books, badges and other memorabilia.

Please make contact with the College on 6216 7900 or via email.

By making a bequest and including Mount Carmel College in your Will, you will help future generations of students continue to acquire a lifelong love of learning.  Your contribution will enable critical building works, programs or scholarships for students, who may otherwise be unable to access our quality education.

There are other ways you can contribute to the College.  One way is through making financial donations to the College.  All donations are gratefully accepted.

The Alumni of Mount Carmel College initiated the Spirit of Pride Award in 2017. Presented to a Year 5 student who embodies the community spirit of union and good fellowship and fosters a spirit of pride in and patriotism towards the College. The Principal, in consultation with staff, selects the student to be honoured with this award at the College’s annual Celebration Evening.