Our vibrant and challenging co-curricular program provides Mount Carmel students with the opportunity to develop beyond the classroom.

Co-curricular participation supports our students to develop creativity, commitment and self-discipline while nurturing interactions between students across different year levels, interests, and even other schools. Across the Arts, Academic fields, Ethics, Service, Leadership, Public Speaking and STEM, students have many opportunities to challenge themselves, build positive relationships and develop a greater sense of self.

Some activities are designed to provide additional challenge for students who have shown significant talent in a particular field and students would be selected for these activities according to set criteria, while most activities are open for all interested students through a process of self-nomination. Students will be advised to express interest in these activities via the Daily News. 

Participation in many of the co-curricular and College activities contribute towards the House Colours system. 

ActivityYear LevelTermTimeAccessTeacher Contact
Tournament of Minds (Primary)4-6Term 3Lunchtime, afterschool, some weekendsTeacher SelectionTBC
Tournament of Minds (Secondary)
7-10Term 3Lunchtime, afterschool, some weekendsStudent self-nominationTBC
Da Vinci Challenge
5-10Term 1LunchtimeStudent self-nominationMrs Jetson
ActivityYear LevelTermTimeAccessTeacher Contact
Student Leaders

10Terms 1 - 4Lunchtime Meetings Range of other commitmentsStudent self nomination followed by election process and formation.Mrs Richardson and Mrs Tewes
College Tours
7-10Terms 1 - 4During the school day throughout the yearStudent self-nomination Mrs Jager and Miss Legge
ActivityYear LevelTermTimeAccessTeacher Contact
FAST - Focused Assisted Study in the Library7-10Terms 1 - 4Lunchtime Tuesdays and ThursdaysAll WelcomeMs O’Rourke
Library Leaders7-10Terms 1 - 4LunchtimeInducted StudentsMrs Hill
ActivityYear LevelTermTimeAccessTeacher Contact
Primary Choir2-5Terms 1 - 4Wednesday Morning, 8.20amNo auditionMs Lincoln
Middle Years Voices - Choir6-8Terms 1 - 4Tuesday LunchtimeNo audition
Mr McNamara
Senior Singers - Choir9-10Terms 1 - 4LunchtimeNo auditionMr McNamara
College Orchestra6-10Terms 1 - 4Tuesday After SchoolSome ability and experience playing an instrument and reading sheet music.Mr McNamara
Intro Orchestra7-8Terms 2 - 4After SchoolFor beginner students of wind and brass instrumentsMr McNamara
‘Funky Blazers’ Funk Band7-10Terms 1 - 4Monday LunchtimeNo auditionMr McNamara
Ceilidh Band5-10Terms 1 - 4LunchtimeFor students of any instruments, strings, flutes, guitars in particularMr McNamara
Fiddlesticks3-6Terms 1 - 4After SchoolFor beginner students of string instruments. No experience necessary.Ms Lincoln
Ukulele Club1-2Terms 2 - 3Wednesday LunchtimeNo experience necessary.Ms Lincoln
Years 4 & 5 Instrumental Group4-5Terms 1 - 3Monday LunchtimeNo experience necessary.Ms Lincoln
Year 6 Instrumental Group6Terms 2 - 3Friday LunchtimeNo experience necessary.Ms Lincoln
College Production7-10Term 2Lunchtime rehearsals, Evening performancesYear 9/10 Drama studentsMrs Stevens
House Band7-10Term 2LunchtimeSign up through House CaptainsMr McNamara
House Drama7-10Term 3LunchtimeSign up through House CaptainsMrs Stevens
House Dance 7-10TBCLunchtimeTBCMs Marsden
Dance Troupe8-10Terms 1 - 4Thursday lunchtime By auditionMs Marsden
Dance Development Squad7-10Terms 1 - 4Tuesday lunchtime No audition, all welcomeMs Marsden
ActivityYear LevelTermTimeAccessTeacher contact
Ethics Olympiad
5-10LunchtimeTeacher SelectionMr McNulty
ActivityYear LevelTermTimeAccessTeacher Contact
Debating (Primary)
5-6Terms 2 - 3Thursday afternoonsStudent self-nominationMrs Himson
Debating (Secondary)

7-10Terms 1 - 2Wednesday Evenings & lunchtime practicesStudent self-nominationMs O’Rourke
Rostrum Voice of Youth - Public Speaking
7-10Term 1Saturday CompetitionStudent self-nominationMs Gray
ActivityYear LevelsTermTimeAccessTeacher Contact
Mission Sisters (Primary)5-6Terms 1 - 4LunchtimeStudent self-nominationMr McNulty
Restorative Leaders6Terms 1 - 4LunchtimeNomination and selection processMiss Sluyters
Mission Sisters (Secondary)7-10Terms 1 - 4Lunchtime
Student self-nominationMr Chapman
Warrane Mentoring Program9-10Terms 1 - 4Before School Thursday
Student VolunteersMr Chapman
Queenborough Rise Visits7-10Terms 1 - 4Lunchtimes TuesdayStudent VolunteersMr Chapman
ActivityYear LevelTermTimeAccessTeacher Contact
Primary STEM

4-5Terms 1 - 4LunchtimeStudent self-nominationMr Hoggard
Wall of WOW
7Terms 2 - 3LunchtimeStudent self-nominationDr James
Technology Competitions
7-8Throughout the yearLunchtime Student self-nomination, teacher nomination Dr James and Mr Wierenga
Science & Engineering Challenge
9-10Term 1Lunchtime practices, day competitionSTEM Elective studentsMr Herbert
ActivityYear LevelTermTimeAccessTeacher Contact
Australian Mathematics Competition3 - 10Term 3School timeTeacher nomination (3-6)
Student self-nomination (7-10)
Mrs Wall and Mr Herbert
Japanese Speech Competition (JATNET)

3 - 10Term 3LunchtimeTeacher selected/Student self-nominationMrs Allen and Ms Alderdice
History and Geography Competitions
7 - 10Term 1Student self-nominationMrs Jetson
ICAS Subject Competitions:
English, Mathematics, Science, Digital Technologies
3 - 10Term 3School timeStudent/Parent registrationMs Kullrich