Mount Carmel College recognises that many things can impact on a student’s performance and prevent them from being happy and achieving their best in school and in life.

The happiness and well-being of our students is paramount and our School Counsellor deals with the social and emotional well-being of all students at Mount Carmel, and is seen as an extension of the student care offered by all staff. The Counsellor is readily available to talk with students about any aspect of their lives that is affecting them. They can help in many different ways and while they might not be able to fix everything, they can help you cope with things that are worrying you, for example:

  • school issues, such as school performance, motivation, goals, and study practices
  • behavioural issues either at school or home
  • emotional issues, such as depression, anxiety, anger, loss and grief
  • relationship issues, such as social isolation, peer and opposite sex relationships
  • family issues, for example conflict with a parent or sibling, unhappiness at home, family breakdown

You might not even be sure as to what the problem is. Just by talking to the Counsellor will help to sort things out in your mind. Having someone who really listens can really help and everything that you say will be confidential. Our Counsellor is also available to talk with parents about such things as:

  • concerns they have for their child
  • difficulties they are having at home
  • parenting an adolescent

And lastly, the Counsellor spends time talking with teachers in assisting them understand and/or deal with student’s behaviours and needs.