Sport at Mount Carmel College aims to promote participation, respect and cooperation. It also provides an opportunity to learn and try new skills, educate students in lifelong participation in physical activity and to have fun!

To sign up for Co-Curricular Sport, click on the “Sign-Up” button and you will be taken to a form where you will enter your details and the sport/s you would like to play in that term.

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Mount Carmel will organise teams in which all students who nominate for a sport will have an opportunity to participate.  Teams will be put together based upon a range of factors including the number of nominations, previous experience in a sport (particularly when there is more than one division), and friends you may wish to be with, particularly for transport requirements.  Every effort is made to make teams appropriate to the level of competition. There may be a need to run selection trials if there are divisions in the roster or the event progresses to a State Final.

All teams are organised within the financial constraints of Mount Carmel College; are dependent upon volunteers to assist with coaching, managing and umpiring; and, are conducted in a safe manner.

Students must consider all other commitments they have, making your own transport arrangements to and from games and training, and the uniform required to participate.  Training is determined by the coach, but usually it is during one lunchtime per week at Mount Carmel or nearby sports fields.

Family members, friends and alumni also have the opportunity to be involved in the College’s sporting program. The online sign-up form has a field where you can nominate to be a team’s coach, manager or supervisor, or to even help with umpiring or scoring if the sport requires. This support is very much required and allows the College to offer such a large range of sporting opportunities.

All sports volunteers are required to obtain a Working with Vulnerable People registration, read, acknowledge and sign the Catholic Education Tasmania Child Safety Briefing form and complete the College induction. The induction package will be given to you upon presentation of your Working with Vulnerable People at the College Office.

Visit the Volunteers page for more information.

Sports Offered in 2024

The table below lists the sports that are on offer for each term for both Primary and Secondary students.

Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4
AFL Gala: 5/6 (6 March)Hockey: Years 1-6 (Sat)Basketball: 3/4 & 5/6 (Thur)Basketball Championships: Y3–6
Soccer: Years 1/2, 3/4 & 5/6 (Thur)Netball: 3/4 (Wed) & 5/6 (Thur)Turf Hockey: 2-4 (Fri) 5/6 (Wed)Mixed Teeball: 3/4 (Wed)
Tennis: 5/6 (Tues)Water Polo: 5/6 (Fri) (Tuesday night training)T20 Blast Cricket: 3-6 (Mon)
Touch Football: 5/6 (Tues)
Turf Hockey: 2-4 (Fri) 5/6 (Wed)
Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4
Athletics Training: (Wed/Fri am)Badminton: Y7-10 (Fri)AFL: Y9-10: (Tues)AFL: Y7-8: (Thur)
Cricket: Y7-10 (Thur)Cross Country: Y7-10 (22 May & 13 June)Basketball: Y7/8 (Mon) & Y9/10 (Wed)Basketball Championships: Y7–10
Mountain Biking: Y7-10 (Thurs 22 Feb, 7 & 21 Mar)Hockey: Div 2: Y9/10 (Mon)Hockey: Div 3 Y7/8 (3A Thur, 3B Tues)Rugby 7s: Y7-10 (Fri 27/10, 3/11, 10/11)
Sailing Course: Y5-8 (Tues)Netball: Y7/8 (Mon) & Y9/10 (Tues)Soccer: 1st and 2nd Grade (Thur)Sailing Taster Afternoon: Y5-8 (TBC)
Soccer: Y9/10 (Tues) & Y7/8 (Wed)Rugby 7s: Y7/8 & Y9/10 (13/14 April)Swimming Trials: Y7-10 (31 July 8.30am)Tennis: Y7/8 (Tues) & Y9/10 (Mon)
Volleyball: Y7/8 & Y9/10 (Mon)Water Polo: 7/8 & 9/10 (Fri) (Tuesday night training)Touch Football: Y7/8 (Mon) & Y9 (Wed)

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There is an expectation that students wear the uniform in the correct manner.  The full College tracksuit must be worn to and from all games and competitions, and the navy sports bag is also taken to games.  Hair is to be tied back at all times and the Mount Carmel hat offers sun protection when necessary.  During games and competition, tracksuits and rugby tops are not to be worn. Suitable shoes are important to prevent injury.

A full list of items which are to be worn when representing the College in sport is on the Uniform page.

The College provides secondary students with leadership and mentoring opportunities through coaching and/or umpiring sport.  Coaching and umpiring are great ways to gain confidence, transfer knowledge of a sport and have a positive impact on the lives of others.

Opportunities can fit in with student’s availability. They can assist with lunch time trainings, or help with a team or sport after school on a particular day of the week.

Everyone involved in Sport at the College is asked to adhere to the Code Of Conduct In Sport and participate with the following responsibilities:

  • Make sensible choices about which sports to play. Aim for a balance of family, school work, sport, social activities and time to yourself.
  • Attend all training sessions and games. If unable to attend a training or game, please inform the team coach/manager or the Sports Administration Officer.
  • Wear uniform correctly and represent Mount Carmel College with pride.
  • Take up opportunities offered by Mount Carmel College with enthusiasm and commitment, showing a willingness to listen and learn from others.
  • Always show good sporting behaviour by expressing emotions, ideas and opinions in a positive manner and use courteous language. Always graciously accept the umpire’s decisions.
  • Enjoy and celebrate a win without boasting, lose without excuses and participate with courage and determination.
  • Raise any queries or concerns directly with the Sports Administration Officer in a timely manner.
  • Forfeiting is a last resort. Inform the Sports Administration Officer as early as possible if there is a clash in the roster with other commitments.  Consider fill-in options so the game can proceed.  Be considerate of the impact you may have on other students and families if you don’t play.
  • Students/families are expected to make their own travel arrangements for games – the school does not provide transport. Students are expected to be at the game venue at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. Primary students should not be left unsupervised.
  • Students should have any required medication at games (e.g. Asthma puffers and Epipens).
  • Parents, guardians and family members are encouraged to volunteer to coach, manage, supervise and umpire for any team in which they have knowledge or an interest. Volunteers require a Working with Children Check Registration and new volunteers will also be required to complete a Volunteer Induction provided by Mount Carmel College.

Sports Venue Inspection Checklist is here for Coaches/Managers to print and complete prior to the commencement of activities.

Cancellations/forfeits and other changes will be advised via email to students and parents. They may also be announced over the PA system. If in doubt, you may contact the College Office on 6216 7900.

Sports Tours

Year to year the College considers interstate and international sporting opportunities for secondary students.  Competitive school sports championships are combined with educational and cultural opportunities.

Mount Carmel College enjoys a history of success in sport, valuing and recognising outstanding achievement.

  • 2018, 2019 and 2022 Winners of the Athletics Girls Junior Shield.
  • 2023 Winners of the Cross Country Girls Junior Shield.
  • 2023 Winners of SSATIS Year 9/10 Girls Soccer.
  • Three peat of premierships in the Secondary Cricket roster, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

More Information

Further enquiries can be made to Ms Nikki Stuart, Sports Administration Officer at or on 6216 7900.