Just as a family relies on its members for motivation, encouragement and support, so does the family of Mount Carmel College.

Through our role modelling, we try to make Christ present to one another. The opportunity for leadership is offered to all and we acknowledge the range of gifts that are necessary to build a strong school family.

Our small school site is ideal for peer support and the natural way in which older students care for younger ones is acknowledged and celebrated. Effective leadership lies in the recognition that teams work best when they are balanced. Encouragers, listeners, good communicators, innovators and organisers are all invited to become involved in leadership.

At Mount Carmel College there are many opportunities to be a leader, through serving our College community and those in the community beyond our College. Students can nominate for positions such as Student Leader and House Captain or become involved in groups such as Mission Sisters. Some senior students take on a community service role as a bus monitor while Year 6 students may hold the position of Restorative Leader.

We strive to provide appropriate models of female leadership and to “educate the students to be independent, articulate leaders in the church and society of tomorrow – women of faith, confident in their own worth as women and vitally involved in the promotion and practice of justice.”