Mount Carmel College has committed to providing the best opportunities for our students to engage with up-to-date technologies in the 21st century.  We feel that such technology should support the development of relevant skills, including creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. 

Mobile technology devices such as the iPad can facilitate such skills both within the classroom and beyond, as well as encouraging students to become more independent and self-initiated learners.

Recent studies and experiences in schools around the world have shown that iPads can support essential learning in a straight forward and engaging way, as well as providing a vehicle for multiple learning and teaching styles.  They promote efficient use of time and enable spontaneous, flexible learning opportunities.  We therefore feel confident in the selection of the iPad as the mobile device which offers the best range of features and applications for education, recognising that it will provide another resource for learning along with the raft of pedagogical strategies which are already in place.

An iPad is required for all students from Year 3 – Year 10 to support their learning and the creation of content-rich, engaging and individualised program. Parent iPad Information Sessions are held for students of Year 3, 7 and new families early in Term One of each new school year. Attendance by parents at a session is required before students in these levels will be granted access to their iPad at school. Topics covered on the evening will include, an introduction to how technology provides a vital learning tool, the College’s iPad usage policy and establishing good online habits, cyber-bullying and how to respond to this, digital footprints and security settings.

Any iPad generation after the iPad 2 is suitable, currently stores stock the iPad 6th Generation and the iPad Pro 9.7 inch. Please note the iPad mini and iPad Pro 12.9 inch (the big one) are NOT suitable for student purposes, neither is a laptop. You will need an iPad case as well, the more protective, the better. Some students have found an iPad case with built in keyboard to be very useful.

If an outright purchase of the iPad creates financial hardship for any families, there is an opportunity to purchase one from the College, with payment over a 2-year plan. Please contact our Business Manager, Mrs Kerrie Loveluck via email or on 6216 7900, if you wish to discuss this option further.

Apps required for students in 2019 can be found on the Book Lists page.

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