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Our Kindergarten accepts four year old boys and girls at the beginning of the school year. Our Kindergarten program runs on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8.45am to 2.45pm. After School Care is available for Kindergarten students from 2.45pm to 6.00pm as part of our Outside School Hours Care Service.

We also offer long day care on Mondays and Tuesdays for children aged 3 years and over.

Situated in a specially-converted property adjoining the College, the Kindergarten is independent and self-directed, yet takes full advantage of being part of the whole school community.

Our Kindergarten children participate in wider school activities such as grandparents and special friends mornings, environment days, dance events and liturgical celebrations. Our older school students and Kindergarten students learn from one another as they develop connections within the College community. In this setting, each child’s individual gifts are celebrated and affirmed.

The Kindergarten curriculum is developed from the Early Years Learning Framework: ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’, which aims to stimulate development in the following ways:

Socially and emotionally – developing self-esteem, independence and respect for the rights of others through being a member of a group

Cognitively – encouraging curiosity and the desire to learn

Linguistically – enhancing the ability to communicate with others

Aesthetically and creatively – building confidence in exploring creative materials

Physically – improving gross, fine and perceptual motor skills and encouraging good health, hygiene and nutritional habits


As a Catholic school, we also provide a Religious Education program that helps children understand and demonstrate Gospel values in the classroom and at home.

We take pride in the attention we give to the different needs, interests, and development levels of individual children, and encourage you to come and have a look for yourself.

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