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Podcasts for Parents

Podcasts for Parents is a fortnightly, term-time discussion about current educational issues in Australia.

Each episode is essentially an interview with a guest speaker who typically has in-depth knowledge about the topic that they are discussing.

The podcasts are designed to support anyone who is parenting or for people with an interest in current educational issues.

Podcasts for Parents is hosted by Norma Cooper, Grade Three Teacher at Mount Carmel College. Thank you to Dave McNamara for music composition, Caitlin Moffatt for graphic design and Jim Parish at Print Radio Tasmania, Davey Street Hobart, for assistance with the recording of the podcasts.

For more information, suggested reading and to hear the Podcast, please click on the name or photo of the guest speaker.

Rev Dr Richard Leonard SJ

Jesuit Priest, Author, Educator and Critic of Modern Culture



Anthony Peck

e-Learning Manager



Fiona Nolan

Mount Carmel College Principal



Dr Sarah Brunskill




Michael DiVenuto

Professional Cricket Player and Coach



Emma Harris

Sport Psychologist



Melanie Sluyters

Classroom Teacher and Positive Education Coordinator



Alli Williamson

Positive Education Facilitator and Teacher



Dan Haesler

Positive Psychology and Growth Mindset



Sr Cathy Meese RSC

Sisters of Charity



Kate Turner

Education Officer – Early Years (Birth – Grade 2), Tasmanian Catholic Education Office

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